Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA)

With the Intellect SCADA Remote Monitoring Systems, you can be assured of maximizing the benefits of automation and achieving a better return on your investment.

Intellect SCADA Systems was developed by Resource Automation and Electrical. Resource Automation & Electrical is an automation services provider for many large, medium and small energy companies. Resource saw a need to help it’s medium and small sized energy customers reduce the costs of elaborate hardware packages and provide a Web-Based Hosting Service. Those who couldn’t afford to buy or maintain a SCADA system before, now would be able to.

The Intellect SCADA System allows the customer all the same conveniences of the hardware packages, without the major initial cost, maintenance costs, and renewal fees. The Intellect SCADA System offers a secure and customized site to keep track of and control production. Another advantage to the development of Intellect is the support staff. No longer do energy companies have the cost of SCADA maintenance crews. Intellect provides support and gets notifications on any issues in the system. Support will build your site, maintain it, and is available for troubleshooting.

intellect scada app notification warningAlarm

Get real-time notifications when custom programmed events occur. Your system can be configured to notify you about a range of parameter events, such as when specific product levels are met.

intellect scada observe dataObserve

Monitor your system data in real-time, at any moment, from anywhere in the world. Keep an eye on your system remotely from your command center, or on the go with a mobile device like your phone or tablet.

intellect scada automation controlControl

Take direct control of your equipment – on site or around the world. Turn on equipment, turn off equipment, actuate pumps, and operate your equipment remotely with confidence.

intellect scada reporting dataReport

Dig deep into your data with custom reports on a range of your critical system parameters, such as product level data over time or high and low temperature measurements.

intellect scada product demonstration

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